SIMBA ZAMBEZI TROUPE (kenya boys acrobats)

We are kenyans acrobats performing formation of human pyramids, rope skipping, hoops diving, and limbo dance(dancing with fire)



We are a group of African acrobats based in Nairobi,KENYA.
We perform formation of human pyramids, rope skipping, hoops diving, fire eating and limbo dance (dancing with fire)

 2016 SEPTEMBER 13th performed The Parisian Macau - Grand Opening Show

2016 July 1-7th  participated in at Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo Halifax, Canada 

 January 2015 to current time performing locally in Kenya


SEPTEMBER 2012 - 2015 January: worked under Circus Demidov

2010-2012 AUGUST:  Performed locally in Kenya in various events.

2004 - 2010: worked under big top cirk wielki with Jerzy Koziak as our director and we managed to tour Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Russia, Georgia, Azerbijan, Kirgistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekhistan, Turkmenistan........

2003: participated in festival Saratov in Russia under Alexandre Grimillio

2003 APRIL- JUNE: Toured the U.K and performed at Bourne leisure parks at Minehead, Bognor Rigis and Devon cliffs under sarakasi trust with the show (OUT OF AFRICA) created and directed by Alexandre Grimillio.

1998-2003 February performed locally in Kenya.

1997 was the time the group was formed



We are available from 2016 December to engage in any job offer  in any circus holiday parks, cruise ships, theaters, festivals etc....

For more information you can use the contacts below:


NAME :Vincent Owesi  (GROUP LEADER)

MOBILE: +254702364969              +254772175420 


 SKYPE:  vincent owesi (simba zambezi acrobats)

FACEBOOK: Simba Zambezi Troupe